We guarantee you always get the lowest price when you reserve a room through our website or we'll match the lower price and give you an extra 10% discount.

Here's how it works:

  1. Make a confirmed reservation on our website.  Click on the BOOK NOW button. 
  2. If you find a qualifying lower price for the same room type within 24 hours after making your reservation, send us a screen shot and if we verify your claim, we will honour the lower price AND take an additional 10% off the room rate for each night of your stay.
  3. Both the original Peppercorn online booking room rate and the Competing Rate must be room plus Tax & Service Charge and in US Dollars (without inclusions like meals, transportation, etc).
  4. The Competing Rate must be available for booking with the exact matching booking requirements and cancellation policy as the original Peppercorn online booking, i.e. same room type, same number of guests, same arrival and departure date and same cancellation policy.
  5. Peppercorn Best Rate Guarantee cannot be combined with other offers or promotions (including coupon promotions and Expedia/Booking Member Prices).
  6. This Guarantee applies only to the room rate for the duration of the reservation and does not apply to guest incidental charges, food and beverages and any other charges that may be incurred during the guest's stay.