Great Phu Quoc Service at Peppercorn Beach Resort

Peppercorn Beach Resort is located in the quiet northern shores of Phu Quoc island in Ganh Dau village on the fringe of the National Park with views of the Cambodian shoreline in the distance. The resort is approximately 45 minutes by taxi from Phu Quoc International airport and 35 minutes from the main town of Duong Dong. 

Our location is remote but tranquil, and offers a unique and authentic feel of a ‘deserted’ island getaway.  However we recognize that we are not for everyone especially those who are seeking for the comfort of a 4/5 star hotels, or night life or a location that is closer to other hotels/restaurants. 

Besides our own property you will only find three other resorts 400 meters along the beach which have restaurants on the beach with a good selection of seafood and Vietnamese dishes. Otherwise there are some local eateries in the village nearby.  You won't find the same number of restaurants, bars or night clubs as the main tourist areas have in town, however you will find a place to relax, refresh and by happy.

Because of the fact that we are almost off ‘the beaten track’, we sometimes experience issues with electricity, slow internet connection and solar hot water (when there are periods of overcast/rainy days).  If these features are essential to your accommodation needs, please consider other alternative hotels.

How it all begin...

Roughly about 15 years ago, we travelled to Phu Quoc island not knowing what to expect. Upon arriving, we were amazed by how stunning and un-touched the island was and we thought how nice it would be to own a home on one of these beautiful beaches. One day on the motorbike through the rugged red dirt roads of the National Park, we made our way to the village of Ganh Dau and stopped for a lunch break by the beach. After a delicious and relaxing lunch, we almost forgot about our city jobs back in London and came across a friendly local. We sat in front of his home overlooking the clear blue turquoise beach, where one conversation led to another and we asked him if he knew anyone that wanted to sell their land. As it happened, he was looking to sell his land, and then we all smiled. 

Helping our local community...

Since we arrived in Ganh Dau village we have assisted the local community with donations to expand the local primary school, provided employment to the local community, helped the poorer families with roofing materials for repairs. During the raining season when fishing is not possible (as a mean of income), we have provided rice and other stables for families who need it most.

Protecting our environment...

We have always been passionate about protecting the environment and actively campaign this message with the local mayor. In playing our part, we apply eco-friendly practices in our resort by utilising rainwater collection, solar panels and use the most energy efficient light bulbs, fridge, air conditioning etc where possible throughout the property. We have also recently joined the Phu Quoc Island WWF Plastic Reduction Programme in an effort to reduce plastic waste on the island with a number of initiatives now complete or in the pipeline.