How it all begin...

Roughly about 15 years ago, we travelled to Phu Quoc island not knowing what to expect. Upon arriving, we were amazed by how stunning and un-touched the island was and we thought how nice it would be to own a home on one of these beautiful beaches. One day on the motorbike through the rugged red dirt roads of the National Park, we made our way to the village of Ganh Dau and stopped for a lunch break by the beach. After a delicious and relaxing lunch, we almost forgot about our city jobs back in London and came across a friendly local. We sat in front of his home overlooking the clear blue turquoise beach, where one conversation led to another and we asked him if he knew anyone that wanted to sell their land. As it happened, he was looking to sell his land, and then we all smiled. 

Peppercorn beach before resort
Phu Quoc old days fishermans hut